Privacy & Legal considerations

Opening: Items herein may only be altered by the President, or Vice President, or an authorized appointee of Seaside Notary Solutions, LLC.

Statement of responsibilities 

A principal signer, or client who provides documents, or presents documents from a vendor, attorney or pro se attorney is solely responsible for the documents legality. Seaside Notary Solutions, LLC expressly affirms they have no legal standing to provide authority, jurisdiction, or legal representation of said documents, to clients or represent any other acts that would be the scope of work performed by an attorney, clerk of court, or court of competent jurisdiction. SEASIDE NOTARY SOLUTIONS, LLC DOES NOT PRESENT ITSELF AS an Attorney, Title Agent, or Clerk of any court. 

Seaside Notary Solutions, LLC will not represent principal signers, or other signatories in any disputes or depositions. Any interest by SEASIDE NOTARY SOLUTIONS, LLC in any proceeding would be to validate a properly obtained notarization. Every effort is made by Seaside Notary Solutions, LLC to provide notary services pursuant of The State of Florida laws and industry standards.

Issues which may be cause to terminate a notary act: 

A Common reason  - Failure of the Principal Signator to identify the service needed. A signator may have present a person(s) to receive counsel from. Notaries have NO authority to offer an opinion, as it constitutes the practice of law without a license. The notary will provide a reasonable amount of time for a signatory to resolve their question for requested service. However, after 15 minutes the notary in their discretion may terminate the session. 

AT ALL TIMES IT IS THE DISCRETION OF THE NOTARY TO TERMINATE A SESSION OR REFUSE SERVICE FOR CAUSE - FOR CAUSE WOULD BE THOSE LISTED ABOVE. Rescheduling of a terminated session is at the discretion of the President, or Vice President, or an authorized appointee of Seaside Notary Solutions, LLC 

FEES for terminated sessions & Raincheck’s - Fees may still apply at the discretion of Seaside Notary Solutions, LLC. A waiver of fees is not within the discretion of the notary present at the signing. Fees may include but are not expressly limited to travel, document preparations, time spent in the presence of the signator, or witness fees. Raincheck’s described here, as the act of carrying forward fees of a terminated session to a session in future time, is at the discretion of the President, or Vice President, or an authorized appointee of Seaside Notary Solutions, LLC

Discrimination Statement

Seaside Notary Solutions, LLC will not participate in acts of discrimination on basis of social-economical status, Race, Religion, Creed, or Sexual Orientation. All documents presented for notarial acts that identify male or female must be appropriately filled pursuant to the documents intent. While every effort will be made to honor a signator’s personal standings and request. A notary is bound by law to make a valid identification of all signatories. This often requires the use of a government issued Identifying Document(I.D.). The document(s) presented for a notarial act, must be completed in an manner identical to the I.D. presented to the notary. All denials of service or termination of a session in this regard, expressly is related to an improper form and / or identification, not an act of discrimination or violation of rights.


Separation from fraudulent acts

An act of fraud by a signator; principal or witness is their criminal act alone. Seaside Notary Solutions, LLC will not be a participant in a fraudulent act. 

Seaside Notary Solutions will not perform a notarial act if a person 

Inappropriate acts of a notary should be reported to the President of Seaside Notary Solutions at for review. A review may take up to 7 business days to obtain a response. An administrative resolution may take longer and those time frames are unknown.


Privacy Statement

Seaside Notary Solutions is an ethically based business and adherence to rules and regulations pertaining to financial disclosures and or protected healthcare information is closely monitored. All documents not legally obligated to retention are destroyed after a notary act is recorded. Keep in mind many documents are required for retention for no less than 10 years in the State of Florida. The notary may not keep an "office or personal copy" of any notarized document. 

Firearms / Weapons statement

Any Representative of Seaside Notary Solutions, LLC may be in possession of sensitive or financial information or currency. It is their express discretion to carry or not carry a concealed weapon, as long as they are appropriately licensed, and doing so in adherence of all applicable laws. The display or use of a firearm in any situation is a serious event. The use of force as prescribed in the Florida State legislature for private citizens, shall be the standard for use of force up to and including deadly force. 

Provided it is the representatives own discretion to carry or not to carry a concealed firearm, they agree to hold harmless Seaside Notary Solutions, LLC of all consequences known or unknown at the time of an event, as a result of the unlawful use of a firearm. Unlawful is defined here to mean convicted in a State or Federal Court of competent jurisdiction, related to the the brandishing or use of a firearm.

Florida is an open carry state 

NO Seaside Notary Solutions, LLC Representative is permitted to open carry any weapon, in the course of a notarial act or their duties. No signatory, principal or witness or persons in attendance may open carry a weapon. This violates any notion of signing without duress or coercion and jeopardizes any notarial act! 

Any display of a weapon during a notarial act will terminate the session IMMEDIATELY. Refer to the last bullet point of: Issues which may be cause to terminate a notary act.

These statements cover a breadth of situations. it will not foresee all circumstances. It is the Notary’s responsibility to act in good faith and in accordance of the Laws of the State of Florida other competent jurisdiction with standing in a notary matter. 

Severability and Survivability - Any provision, rule, or action stated throughout must survive its own legal merits. An item found not in accordance of law; the initial remedy by affected persons shall be replacing the item with text that conforms with the law and meets the need of the original text. Shall the remedy not prevail, no one item invalidated by a court of competent jurisdiction may not invalidate another or the whole of all items above.